Tue March 13, 2012 By: Pooja Anand

excretion in plants can be in any form,then is it specified that any specific type of waste should removed in any specific form????

Expert Reply
Wed March 14, 2012
Plants use different strategies for eliminating different wastes.
ii) At night, carbon dioxide is eliminated through stomata since no photosynthesis is occurring. During the day, carbon dioxide generated during respiration is used up for photosynthesis, hence no carnon dioxide is released. Instead, oxygen release is the major event at this time.
iii) For other wastes, plants use the fact that many of their tissues consist of dead cells, and that they can even lose some parts such as leaves.
iv) Many plant waste products are stored in cellular vacuoles. Waste products may be stored in leaves that fall off.
They get rid of excess water by transpiration.
v) Other waste products are stored as resins and gums, especially in old xylem. vi) Plants also excrete some waste substances into the soil around them.
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