Mon September 07, 2009 By: Jyothirmayee Bendalam

Easy way to split the middle term in a quadratic equation to know its factorors.

Expert Reply
Mon September 07, 2009

If in a quadratic equation

x2 - 5x -36 =0 ,

- 36x2 has to be factorised such that the factors when added or subtracted give the answer as  - 5x

the factors are - 9x & +4x, i.e when -9x & +4x, are multiplied we get  -36x2 and when they are subtracted we get -5x.

therefore nthe equation in the factor form is written as

x2 - 9x  +4x -36 =0 ,

x(x-9) +4(x-9) =0

(x - 9)(x +4) =0 are the factors of the given quadratic equation.

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