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Each year a tree grows by 5cm less than the preceding year. If it grew by 1m in the first year of survey, in how many years will it have caesed growing?

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Tue February 26, 2013
In the first year the tree grew by 1m
In the second year, it will grow by  (1- 0.05)m = 0.95m
In the thirs year, it will grow by (0.95 - 0.05)m = 0.9 m and so on...
So, this is actually an AP, where the first term (a) = 1 and d = -0.05m
We want to find the n, such that an = 0
an = a+(n-1)d
0 = 1+(n-1) (-0.05)
0.05n = 1.05
n = 21 years
So, afer 21 years, the tree would have stopped growing. 
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