Fri August 15, 2008 By: Vivek Krishna

dry ice

Expert Reply
Fri August 15, 2008

Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide.

Dry ice is readily manufactured by the following process:

  1. Gases containing a high concentration of carbon dioxide are produced. Such gases can be a byproduct of some other process, such as producing ammonia and nitrogen from natural gas, or large-scale fermentation.
  2. Carbon dioxide-rich gas is pressurized and refrigerated until it changes into its liquid form.
  3. The pressure is reduced. When this occurs some liquid carbon dioxide vaporizes, and this causes a rapid lowering of temperature of the remaining liquid carbon dioxide. The extreme cold makes the liquid solidify into a snow-like consistency.
  4. The snow-like solid carbon dioxide is compressed into either small pellets or larger blocks of dry ice.
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