Wed February 27, 2013 By: Manisha Mohanty

Draw a triangle ABC with side BC=3.5 cm,angle B=60 degrees,altitude AD=2.5 cm . Then,draw another triangle AB'C' similar to triangle ABC such that each side of AB'C' is 2 times that of the corresponding side of triangle ABC.Please write the steps of construction.

Expert Reply
Thu February 28, 2013

Steps of construction:

1.  Draw a line segment BC = 3.5 cm.

2. With B and C as centre, draw a perpendicular bisector (PDQ) of BC.

3. With D as centre and radius 2.5 cm, draw an arc to cut DP at A.

4. Join AB and AC. Thus, ABC is the required triangle.

5. Draw a ray AX making an acute angle with AB.

6. Mark points A1, A2 on AX such that AA1 = A1A2.

7. Join A1B.

8. Draw a line parallel to A1B and passing from A2. Let it meet the extended line AB at B'.

9. Draw a line parallel to BC and passing through B'. Let it meet the extended line AC at C'.

10. AB'C' is the required triangle similar to ABC.

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