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Distinguish b/w: 1.ethanol and ethanal 2.phenol and benzaldehyde 3.phenol and benzoic acid

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Thu June 02, 2011
1. Ethanol and Ethanal
These are distinguished on the basis of esterification reaction. Ethanol do undergo esterification reaction on reaction with an acid to give esters whike ethanal do not give this reaction.
2. Phenol and benzaldehyde
Phenols undergo electrophillic addition recations while benzaldehyde undergoes nucleophillic addition reactions hence these are distinguished on this basis. Phenols will react with bromine water to give bromophenol as product while benzaldehyde will not undergo this reaction.
3. Phenol and benzoic acid
Benzoic acid on reaction with NaHCO3 to give effervescence due to evolution of CO2 gas while phenols do not give effervescence since phenols are weak acids than carboxylic acids.
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