Thu February 07, 2013 By: Prashant Malik

Differentiate between Mutual Inductance and Self Inductance. What is Inductance? write its three applications.

Expert Reply
Thu February 07, 2013

Self inductance is the property of a single isolated coil, to induce an emf in it, in accordance with the change in magnetic flux linked with it. The value of self inductance of a coil is given by, L= µ0µrn2Al, where, A is the area of cross section of the coil and nl is the total number of turns of the coil.

Mutual inductance of a pair of coils is the ability one coil to produce an induced emf in a nearby coil, when the magnetic flux linked with it changes. It depends on the self inductances of each coils and the orientation of the coils and the separation between the coils.

Inductance is a property of an electric circuit or component which causes an e.m.f to be generated in it (self inductance) or in the neighboring circuit (mutual inductance) due to the change in the current flowing through the circuit.
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