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define the following:

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Optical Isomerism:Two molecules are optical isomers of one another if they are mirror images of one another, and nonsuperimposible on one another.

  • stereoisomerism in which the isomers are identical in molecularweight and most chemical and physical properties but differ intheir effect on the rotation of polarized light.  
2) Polarimetry is a method using rotation of polarized light by optically active substances as a measure of their concentration in a solution. Polarimeters that are designed for particular use in the sugar industry are called Saccharimeter.
Polarimetry is frequently used for determining the  quality of sugar products. Measurements are made by polarimeters or saccharimeters with the scale in angle degrees (0) and sugar degrees (0Z).  Angle of rotation depends linearly on concentration of sugar in the solution other parameters (temperature, light source, length of the tube) being the same.
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