Thu May 31, 2012 By: Sharmistha Panda
I am totally confused with the usage of the formula to find absolute error  i.e. Absolute error=Measured Value-True Value
It is because in some books it is given as :Absolute error=True Value-
Measured Value.

Dear ma'm

Expert Reply
Fri June 01, 2012
Absolute error is the difference between an estimated or measured value and it's actually value. 

For Example: 

To determine the absolute error you would have to have a measurement or an estimate of whatever this object is. At which point you would take the difference between the estimated value and the actual value. 

For example: 21.571 is the True value 20.000 is the Measured Value

Thus: (True value) - (Measured Value) = Absolute error (21.571) - (20.000) = 1.571

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