Sat March 07, 2015 By: Devika Pc

Dear expert,
Due to some technical glitch I was unable to mention the chapter. Sorry for the inconvinience caused.
I wanted to know what are the figures of speech in the poem 'On Killing a Tree' by Gieve Patel.
Please do mention the verses too so that it's easier to understand. 
Thanks a lot for the help.

Expert Reply
Snehal Naik
Mon March 09, 2015
Hi Devika, 
The poem On Killing A Tree predominantly uses Personification to show the pain and the agony of a tree being killed by the woodcutter's axe. Some of the lines that personify the tree are as follows:
It has grown
Slowly consuming the earth,
Upon its crust
Not so much pain will do it.
The bleeding bark will heal
And out of its leperous hide
There are instances of inversion in the poem:
Not a simple jab of the knife Will do it: A simple jab of the knife will not do it. 
Not so much pain will do it: So much pain will not do it. 
Some examples of alliteration are:
The bleeding bark will heal
The source, white and wet,
The following lines show climax:
Browning, hardening,
Twisting, withering,
I hope the above information is helpful. 
All the best for your exams! 
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