Sun September 06, 2009 By: Khushal Gupta

Coordinate Geometry.

Expert Reply
Tue September 08, 2009

Coordinate point of C is (0,-3)

Let the other point of base be B(0,p)

It is given that Origin O(0,0) is the mid point of B(0,p) and C(0,-3)

Using section formula we get,

0 = (p+(-3))/2

p = 3

Hence (0,3) is coordinate point B.

It is given that ABC is an equilateral triangle.

So, AB = BC = AC

Let the coordinate of the other vertice be (x,y)

Now using diatnace formula AB = BC = AC

 x2 + (y-3)2 = 6 =  x2 + (y+3)2

On equating we get y = 0 and x =3 3

Hence the coordinate point of B and A are (0,3) and (33, 0) respectively.

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