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Construct a triangle which is similar to a triangle whose sides are AB=5cm BC=8cm and angle B=40 in the ratio 5 upon 7

Expert Reply
Tue February 28, 2012

The steps of construction are as follows:

1. First Draw the triangle ABC as per given.

2. Draw a ray BX making an acute angle with BC on opposite side of vertex A.

3. Locate 7 points (as 7 is greater in 5 and 7). B1, B2, B3, B4 ,B5, B6, B7 on line segment BX.

 4. Join B7C and draw a line through B5, parallel to B7C intersecting BC at C'.

5. Draw a line through C' parallel to AC intersecting AB at A'. DA'BC' is the required triangle.

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