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characteristics of pisces,amphibia,reptilia,aves

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Thu March 07, 2013
1. The amphibians lead a dual life. They are primarily aquatic because they lay eggs in water and early development of life takes place in aquatic medium and secondarily they are terrestrial.
2. They are cold blooded animals. 
3. Skin is smooth or rough and kept moist by the glandular secretion and mostly without scales.
4. Limbs are tetrapodous and pentadactyle. 
5. Their RBCs are biconvex, oval and nucleated.
6. Heart is three chambered with one ventricle and two auricles.
7. They respire through skin, lungs and buccal cavity in adult stage and through gills ï»¿during early stages of development. 
8. Excretory organs are kidneys.
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