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Can you please explain inductive effect,electromeric effect and mesomeric effect with yhe help of some examples.

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Tue November 29, 2011
Inductive effect :
It is a permanent effect it depends on the neighbouring group.IT can be +I or -I effect , for example if an electron withdrawing group is attached in a carbon chain
then it will pull the electron clouds towards itself,although there is no proper losing or gaining of electrons.
Electromeric effect:
It is temporary effect which takes place betwen two atoms joined by a multiple bond .This occurs at the requirements of the attacking reagent and involves instantaneous transfer of a shared pair of electrons of the multiple bond to one of the linked atoms.
for example:
where Z is the attaching specie
Mesomeric effect:
There are many molecules whose behavior cannot be explained by a single lewis structure , infact the actual molecule is said to be in resonance with its other resonance hybrid .
for example:
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