Mon January 02, 2012 By: Daveen Nivedha

can you help me out with the answers to this question?

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Mon January 02, 2012


(i)  1. Pulmonary artery

     2. Pulmonary vein

     4. Renal artery

     6. Hepatic artery

(ii)  5. Hepatic Vein

(iii)  3. Aorta

Diagram of cross-sectional view of the blood vessel 3


(iv) Blood vessel  3 is : Aorta

       Blood vessel 8 is : Vena Cava

The two structural difference between blood vessel 3 and 8 are :



  • Thick and more muscular walls and narrow lumen.


  • Thin and less muscular walls and wider lumen.
  • Have no valves.
  • Have valves.
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