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can u explain briefly about quantum mechanical model of atom!!

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Fri June 22, 2012


This atomic model is based on the particle and wave nature of the electron and is also known as wave model of the atom. This was developed by Erwin Schrodinger in 1926. The features of this model are:

  1. This model describes the electron as a three dimensional wave in the electronic field of positively charged nucleus.
  2. The energy of electrons in atoms is quantized.
  3. It is impossible to calculate both the momentum and the location of an electron in an atom; it is only possible to calculate the probability of finding an electron within a given space.
  4. Schrodinger derived an equation which describes wave motion of an electron. The main aim of Schrodinger equation is to give solution for probability approach of an electron.
  5. The space in which there is maximum probability of finding an electron is termed as orbital. An atomic orbital is the wave function  for an electron in an atom. All the information about the electron in an atom is stored in its orbital wave function and quantum mechanics makes it possible to extract this information out of it.
  6.  is a probability factor. It describes the probability of finding an electron within a small space.
  7. The important point of the solution of the Schrodinger wave equation is that it provides a set of numbers called quantum numbers which describe energies of the electron in atoms, information about the shapes and orientations of the most probable distribution of electrons around nucleus.


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