Sat March 05, 2011 By: Akansha Keshav

can u briefly explain 1) what is FLOTATION what are imp. things / formula to be followed while reading the topic & which is usually asked in exams?????

Expert Reply
Sat March 05, 2011

Dear student

When a solid particle is fairly or totally immersed in fluid, there is a defeat in the weight of particle in floatation. The loss in the weight of body is due to the up thrust acting on it.  Thus a particle flooded in a fluid is below the action of two factors in law of flotation such as,

W - weight for downward action of a body and
upward action of the body based in upthrust.
The floating and the shrinking of a body in a liquid depend on the relative magnitudes of some factors in law of floatation.


Hope this helps.
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