Sun April 22, 2012 By: Vikhyat Anand

can the orbitals of penultimate shell get hybridized

Expert Reply
Tue April 24, 2012
Yes in some cases in formation of complex compounds the inner d orbitals participate
Ni(CN)4 -2
First we need to calculate the charge on Nickel
Hence Ni+2
So now we need to write configuration of Ni+2
3d23d23d23d13d1    4s   4px 4py 4pz
 As the bond is with CN - ion so the pairing will take place due to spectrochemical series.
Thus the configuration becomes
3d23d23d23d23d     4s   4px  4py 4pz
Thus Now one 3d and one 4s and three 4p are emplty so the CN- can give electrons to 3d 4s 4px 4py . hence the hybridfisation comes out to be
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