Mon August 06, 2012 By: Bharath Sudhakar

can the 14th question of ex 6.3 can it be proved like the following method in triangle ADC and PMR AC/PR=AD/ DM =1/2*BC/1/2*QR AC/PR=AD/PM=DC/MR therefore triangle adcsimilar pmr angle C= angle R then in triangle ABC and pqr AB/PQ =AC/PR and ANGLE C= ANGLE R SO TRIANGLE "ABC" SIMILAR TRIANGLE "PQR" BY SAS

Expert Reply
Mon August 06, 2012
No. The solution which you have written is incorrect.
The error is in the first step where you have written AC/PR=AD/ PM =1/2*BC/1/2*QR.
We are just given that AB/PQ = AC/PR = AD/ PM
There is no information given about the proportionality of sides BC and QR.
Sat September 23, 2017


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