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C1 and C2 are two concentric circles,the radius of C2 being twice that of C1.From a pomt P on C2,tangents PA and PB are drawn to C1.Prove that the centroid of the triangle PAB lies on C1.

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Wed November 23, 2011
See in the above figure,
OP is the radius hence OP=2r
In triangle OAP, since PA is tangent and OA is radius it means
angle OAP=90
So, OA=r OP=2r, now using pythagoras theorem in triOAP
we get AP=?3r
Similarly PB=?3r
So triPAB is isosceles
Now in tri OAP
angle APO= tan-1(r/?3r) = 30 
similarly angle BPO=30
hence angle APB=30+30=60
now tri APB is isosceles means angle PAB=angle PBA = 60
hence triangle PAB is equilateral triangle.
Now QP= OP-OQ = 2r-r = r
In tri OAQ angle QOA=60 and OA=OQ=r, means this triangle is also equilateral
so AQ=r
similarly QB=r
hence we have QA=QB=QP=r means Q is equidistant from the vertices
of the equilateral triangle PAB, hence Q is centroid. since for an equilateral
triangle, centroid is equidistant from all the vertices.
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