Sat January 29, 2011 By: Aditya Sood

Benzene Hexachloride is used in the products to treat lice.What would happen if it is directly put on the head ?

Expert Reply
Mon January 31, 2011

Dear Student

Lindane can cause serious side effects if you do not use it exactly as directed. Lindane lotion or cream (for pubic lice) should be applied and rubbed into cool, dry skin and hair. If it is applied to warm, moist skin (such as right after a bath or shower), it will be absorbed quickly by the skin and could cause side effects. The lotion is left on for 8 to 12 hours and then washed off.

Lindane shampoo (for head lice) is applied to dry hair and thoroughly rubbed into the hair and scalp. It is left on for 4 minutes, worked into a lather with a small amount of water, and rinsed well.


We hope that clarifies your query.




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