Wed April 09, 2014 By: Yash Sahu

Atoms may be regarded as comprising of protons,neutrons and electrons. If the mass attributed by electrons was doubled and that attributed by neutrons was halved, the atomic mass of C (mass number=12 atomic number=6)would be

(a)approximately the same


(c)reduced approximately by 25%

(d)approximately halved

Expert Reply
Wed April 09, 2014
(c) reduced approximately by 25% is the  correct option.
The mass of electron is negligible.
Atomic mass = mass of protons + mass of neutrons
                   = 6 + 6
If the mass of neutons is halved, then atomic mass = 6+3=9
Now 9 is approximately 25% of 12. Hence, the correct option is (c)
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