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animals with tissue level of body organization and no body cavity have two phyla                           (A) which one of these two is diploblastic and which is triploblastic?                                             (B) what do you mean by these two terms?                                                                           (C) which phylum has false body cavity?          

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Sheetal Kolte
Mon March 16, 2015

(A) Acoelomates are the organisms that lack coelom or body cavity.

Acoelomates include the following phyla:

  • Phylum Porifera
  • Phylum Coelenterata
  • Phylum Platyhelminthes

Of these, Phylum Porifera and Phylum Coelenterata are diploblastic in nature while Phylum Platyhelminthes is triploblastic in nature.

(B) Organisms with two germ germ layers are said to be diploblastic while organisms with three germ layers are called triploblastic.

(C) Pseudocoelomates are the organisms that show the presence of a false coelom or false body cavity. Pseudocoelomates includes phylum Nematoda or Nemathelminthes.

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