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Sneha shidid
Thu February 12, 2009
begin mathsize 16px style According space to space the space given space question comma
QR space equals space 3 QS
From space the space diagram comma
In space increment PQS comma
tan 60 degree space equals space PQ over QS
square root of 3 equals straight h over QS
straight h equals square root of 3 space QS........... left parenthesis ii right parenthesis
In space increment PQR comma
tanx space equals space straight h over QR
straight h equals QR tanx
straight h equals 3 QStanx..... left parenthesis iii right parenthesis
From space the space above space equations comma
square root of 3 space QS space equals 3 QStanx
tanx space equals space fraction numerator 1 over denominator square root of 3 end fraction space
straight x equals 30 degree

end style
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