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an organic compound a has a moleculaR formula of C7H6O.when a is treated with naoh followed by acid hydrolysis,it gives 2 products b&c.when a & c are each treated seperately with PCL5 they give d & E. IDENTIFY A TO E

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Thu November 24, 2011
The compound A is benzaldehyde. 

Benzaldehyde undergoes disproportionation upon treatment with concentrated alkali (Cannizzaro reaction): one molecule of the aldehyde is reduced to the corresponding alcohol and another molecule is simultaneously oxidized to sodium benzoate.


Hence, B and C are Benzoic acid and Benzyl alcohol respectively.
When Benzaldehyde is treated with PCl5, it gives respective geminal dihalide(compound D).

[When aldehydes are treated with phosphorus pentachloride, two chlorine atoms replace the oxygen atom. Such a reaction will therefore produce geminal dihalides, with the oxygen finding itself as part of the POCl3.]

When benzoic acid reacts with PCl5, it gives benzoyl chloride (C6H5COCl). This is compound E. 



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