Mon February 14, 2011 By: Rishita Gajbhiye

An Aromatic compound'A' on treatment with aq NH3 & heating forms 'B' which on heating with Br2 & KOH forms C OF molecular formula C6H7N write the structures & IUPAC NAME of A,B &C

Expert Reply
Mon February 14, 2011
Dear Student
An aromatic compound A + NH3-----> B
B + Br2 +KOH -------> C
C has molecular formula C6H7N, which suggests that C is aniline, C6H7N.
On moving back, B on reaction with Br2 /KOH forms C. It is Hoffmann bromamide reaction. So, B is C6H5CONH2.
B is formed when A reacts with NH3. So, A is benzoic acid.
We hope that clarifies your query.
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