Mon April 07, 2014 By: Navdeep Bhardwaj

Actually sir , i want you to ask that is there any loss of energy when the electrons collides with each other in the metal after the incidence of light on the metal ??

Expert Reply
Tue April 08, 2014
When light  is incident on a metal surface,the energy of incident photon is taken up by the electrons so as to escape from the surface of the metal.
Ejection of electrons from metal surface happens only when the incident photon has an energy equal to or greater than the workfunction of metal.Electrons takes up this energy and are ejected out.
The electrons on absorbing the energy from incident light is not taking part in collision between among them ,on the other hand uses the energy to overcome the workfunction of the metal surface in which they are embedded so that they escapes from the surface.
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