Sun February 20, 2011 By: Rahul Raj

a man buys x no of article for 1200 .10 were broken .he sold the rest at 2 rs profit.thus gaibging rs 60 on whole transaction .find x

Expert Reply
Mon February 21, 2011
dear student,
the cost of each aarticle 1200/x
10 were broken,
so now,
 no. of articles =x-10
s p of each article
=(1200/x) +2
so S P  of x-10 articles= (x-10) x S P  of each article
so ATQ,
solving we get,
C.P. of each article=12 Rs.
no.of articles left=100-10=90
S.P. of each article= 12+2=14
total SP
=90 x 14=1260
so total SP
answer chkd
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