Sat August 11, 2012 By: Kiara Tp

(a) Is the proportionality constant 'k' always taken as 1 in all numericals of physics or does it take different values? (2) According to Newtons second law, force is proportional to the product of mass and these numericals..if 'k' assumes the value of 1 (MKS system) then what is the value of 'k' in the CGS system?

Expert Reply
Sun August 12, 2012
(1) no the value of costant depends on the experimental result or the choice of units.
(2) in the 2nd law, the constants value is 1
     and in mks system the value will be changed by changing the units of mass and acceleration if we want to get the answer of force in units of Newton.
there k will be 105
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