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a)in a meter bridge the balance point is found to be at 39.5cm from the end A,when the resistance Y is of 12.5 determine the resistance of X.why are the connection between resistors in a wheat stone or metre bridge made of thick copper strips? b)determine the balance point of the bridge of X and Y is interchanged.plz answer

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Mon February 28, 2011
Dear student

(a) Balance point from end A, l1 = 39.5 cm

Resistance of the resistor Y = 12.5 Ω

Condition for the balance is given as,

 X/Y = (100 - l1 )/ l1

X =[ (100 - 39.5)/39.5] x12.5 = 8.2 Ω

Therefore, the resistance of resistor X is 8.2 Ω.

The connection between resistors in a Wheatstone or metre bridge is made of thick copper strips to minimize the resistance, which is not taken into consideration in the bridge formula.

(b) If X and Y are interchanged, then l1 and 100−l1 get interchanged.

The balance point of the bridge will be 100−l1 from A.

100−l1 = 100 − 39.5 = 60.5 cm

Therefore, the balance point is 60.5 cm from A.

Hope this clarifies your doubt.


Team Topperlearning

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