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A current of 10A is required to flow through a resistor of 3ohm. Find the minimum no. of cells to be used of emf 10V and internal resistance as 1ohm to accomplish this. Also find the dissipated power.

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Wed April 11, 2012
Let us suppose that m parallel cells rows are formed, with each row having n cells in series.
Total emf in this case would be, E=nV, where V is the emf of a single cell.
total internal resistance would be nr/m.
Hence total resistance of the circuit will be R+nr/m
So, current would be given by
I=nV/(R+nr/m) = mnV/(nr+mR)
Now , in the given question, V=10, I=10, R=3 and r=1ohm
So, putting the values, we get
or, 3m+n=mn
For minimum values of m and n to satisfy this equation would be m=2 and n=6
So, minimum number of cells becomes 2x6=12 cells.
Power dissipated in this case,
I=120/6+6 = 10
Resistance eq.=3+6/2 = 6
P=I2Req= 100x6=600W
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