Sun February 13, 2011 By: Rohan Chandra

A corn cob,shaped somewhat like a cone,has the radius of it'd broadest end as 2.1cm and length as 20cm.If each 1cm sq. of the surface of the cob carries an average of four grains,find how many grains you would find on the entire cob?

Expert Reply
Mon February 14, 2011
Dear Student,
Here is the solution:
Since the grains of corn are found on the curved surface of the corn cob.
Total number of grains on the corn cob = Curved surface area of the corn cob x Number of grains of corn on 1cm2
Now, find the curved surface area of the corn cob.
r = 2.1 and h = 20
Let l be the slant height of the corn cob. Then,
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