Wed December 06, 2017 By: Mkp400

A builder decided to build a farmhouse in 40 days.He employed 100 men in the beginning and 100 more after 35 days and comleted the construction in stipulated time.If he had not employed the additional men,find in how many days behind schedule would it have been finished.

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Sneha shidid
Thu December 07, 2017
begin mathsize 16px style 200 space men space do space rest space of space work space in space 40 minus 35 space equals space 5 space days
100 space men space can space do space the space remaining space work space in space fraction numerator 5 cross times 200 over denominator 100 end fraction equals 10 space days
According space to space the space question space additional space men space were space not space employed comma
the space work space would space have space lasted space 10 minus 5 equals 5 space days space end style
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