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A boy from his home went to market with an average velocity of 29 km/hr and finding the market closed he immediately came back to his house at an average velocity of 40 km/hr ,so what is his average speed and average velocity ?

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Tue June 19, 2012
In the round trip, the final displacement of that boy is 0 km, as he is now at the spot where is started from.
Hence average displacement= final diaplacement/ total time taken =0
Let time taken to travel to market be t hr
hence diatance of market from his home = 29t km
and time taken by him to come back = 29t/40 hr
thus total time taken = t + 29t/40 = 69t/40
 and total distance travelled = 2 x 29t = 58t
this average speed= total distace traveled/ total time taken = 58t/(69t/40) = 33.62 km/hr
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