Thu June 28, 2012 By: Neha Chandra

A BODY TRAVELS A DISTANCE OF 2m in 2s and 2.8m in the next 4s.what will be the speed of the body at the end of 10s from the start?also find the distance traveled in 10s.

Expert Reply
Thu June 28, 2012
Let initial velocity be u and acceleration be a.
Thus distance travelled in 2 sec is 2 m, using 2nd equation of motion:
also, distance in next four seconds, i.e between 6th and 2nd seconds is 2.8m
Solving the above two equations we get:
u = 1.1 m/s
a = -0.1 m/s2
Velocity at the end of 10th second using 1st equation of motion:
v = 1.1 + (-0.1)(10) = 0.1 m/s
Distance travelled in 10 seconds, using 2nd equation of motion:
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