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A body travels a distance of 2m in 2s and 2.8m in next 4s. What will be the speed of the body at the end of the 10th second from start?

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Mon July 25, 2011
case (i) S=2m , t=2s
case(ii) S=2+2.8=4.8m  ,t=2+4=6s
let u and a be the initial velocity and uniform acceleration of the body.
we know that, S=ut+1/2 a
case(i),  2=ux2+1/2 ax or
             1=u+a     (i)
case(ii),  4.8=ux6+1/2 ax
             0.8=u+3a  (ii)
subtracting (ii) from (i), we get
            0.2=0-2a=-2a  or a=-0.2/2=-0.1m/
   put the value of 'a' in (ii) ,we get
          0.8=u+3x (-0.1)
          u=1.1 m/s
for the velocity of body at the end of10th second, we have
u=1.1m/s  ; a=-0.1m/s2 ,v=? ,t=10 s
as ,v=u +at
hence, v= 1.1 +(-0.1)x10=1.1-1= 0.1m/s
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