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6.75 gm of so2cl2 is added to 1 litre container having CL2 at 1 atm pressure at 375 K and allowed to reach eqilbrium. calculate the partial pressures of all the components at equilibrium, given that Kp for the reaction SO2CL2 GIVES SO2 +CL2 is 2.40 sir plz ans as soon as possible.

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Fri October 07, 2011

We know that

PV =n RT

Number of moles of SO2Cl2 =

R= 0.0821 L atm K-1 mol-1

T = 375 K

V =1 L

P (SO2Cl2) =

Now,                           SO2Cl2 (g)        SO2(g)   +   Cl2(g)

Initial pressure           1.54 atm                0         1 atm

Equi. Pressure      (1.54 –X) atm               X        (1+X) atm





  PSO2Cl2=1.54-0.86 =0.68 atm

PSO2= 0.86 atm

PCl2= 1+0.86 = 1.86 atm

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