Tue April 22, 2014 By: Amanj Jaiswal

1.what concentration of nitrogen should be present in a glass of water at temp?assume that a temp 25 c ,a total pressure of 1 atmosphere and mol fraction of nitrogen in air of 78.

(kH for nitrogen =8.42* 10 power -17 M/mm hg).

2. one litre of water under   a nitrogen pressure 1 atm dissolves 0.02g of nitrogen at 298K

.calculate henry law constant. 

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Hanisha Vyas
Tue May 06, 2014

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However, answer to your first query is,

(1) Partial pressure of nitrogen in atmosphere (PN2) = Ptotal x XN2

          PN2 = 592.8 mm Hg

      Solubility of N2 = KH x PN2 = 4.99 x 10-4 (M)


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