Thu August 30, 2012 By: Ravi Consul

1.Does UV rays affects the eye and how?

Expert Reply
Fri August 31, 2012
Ultraviolet or UV light can damage the eyes in several ways. Excessive exposure to the lowest wavelengths of UV light, also called UV-C, (180-290 nm) can cause damage to the Cornea as well as the Lens. These wavelengths are not common in nature, since they are absorbed by the atmosphere, but are present in in some industrial environments, such as electric arch welding.  The mid UV wavelengths, also called UV-B, (290-320 nm) can cause damage to the Lens as well as cause welders eye (feels like sand in the eye). Mid UV light is present both in sunlight and in some industrial environments. The high UV wavelengths, also called UV-A, (320-380 nm) are present in all outdoor environments. Excessive exposure can cause fatigue or snow blindness.
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