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1. Write any 3 concrete examples of the characteristics used infor a hierarchical classification.(3 Marks)
2. A baby is suffering from loose motions. which factors may be responsible for his condition?(3 Marks)
3. What will be the signs and symptoms of a disease if the microbe targets the following body organs-a)Lungs; b)Liver;, c)Brain ?(3 marks)
4. Type of transformation of energy when- a)Coal is burnt; b)dry cell discharges; c)in a thermal power plant. (3 Marks)
5. A crane is lifting a body to a hieght 'h' in time 't'. Find the relation between the power of crane to the speed at which it is lifting the object.(2 Marks)

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Answer to one of your questions is given below:

Some of the concrete examples of the characteristics used for hierarchical classification are:

  1. Nature of the cell- whether the organisms are prokaryotic or eukaryotic in nature.
  2. Cellular nature- whether the organisms are unicellular or multicellular.
  3. Mode of nutrition- whether the organisms are autotrophic or heterophic.
  4. Mode of reproduction- whether the organisms can reproduce sexually or asexually.
  5. Phylogenetic relationship- whether the organisms share a common ancestor or not.

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