Tue March 05, 2013 By: Karthik

1)whistle of an approaching railway engine is shriller than a receding engine? Why? 2)a particle is moving in S.H.M in a straight line.When the distance of the particle from the equilibrium positions has values Y1 and Y2,the corresponding values of velocity are u1 and u2.Show that time period of oscillation is given by T=2pi*root of y2 square minus Y1 square * u1 square minus u2 square ? (please give the full explanation...)

Expert Reply
Tue March 05, 2013
it appears to be shriller, as the apparent frequency of approaching railway engine=
where =original frequency
=velocity of the wave
v=velocity of observer/source
as v<v0in normal cases so apparent frequency>actual frequency
ask one question at a time.
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