Wed March 04, 2015 By: Radha

1. What could be the reason of uneven distribution of population in india?
2. Only Bangladesh and Japan have higher average population densities than India. Find out the population densities of Bangladesh and Japan.

Expert Reply
Shubhali Kulshrestha
Thu March 05, 2015

Reasons of uneven distribution of population in India are:

  • Varied Relief features: Various features like rugged hilly terrain, deserts etc affect the distribution of population. Thus while rugged hilly mountain regions in India like Arunanchal Pradesh are sparsely populated, the Indo Gangetic Plains are densely populated.
  • Soil: Sandy soil does not support agricultural activities while fertile soil supports cultivation. Thus, Indo Gangetic Plains with fertile soil are densely populated while western Rajasthan and western Gujarat are sparsely populated.
  • Climate: Regions with favourable climatic conditions are densely populated while regions with extreme climatic conditions like deserts are sparsely populated. Therefore, coastal areas experiencing moderate climate like the city of Mumbai and Tamil Nadu are densely populated while the Thar Desert and Leh and Ladakh regions are moderately or sparsely populated.
  • Job Opportunities, Educational and Health Facilities: Cities which offer good job, educational and health facilities are densely populated than the cities which lack in all the above fields.

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