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0.44g of a hyrocarbon on compete combustion with oxygen gave 0.88g of water. show that the results are in aggrement with law of conservation of mass.

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Thu October 18, 2012
Given that, CnH2n+2 = 0.44 g of a hydrocarbon.
CnH2n+2  + O2 -------> nCO2 + (n+ 1)H2O

CO2 produced = 0.88 g 
We know, 44 g CO2 contains 12 g C
then 0.88 g CO2 will contain 0.88 x 12/44 = 0.24 g C

Also, 18 g water contains 2 g of H
then 1.8 g water will contain 1.8 x 2/18 = 0.2 g of H

Remember for burning, the O2 was in excess which can be ignored. Since the hydrocarbon contains only C and H, 0.44 g of C and H in the products.
 Thus, all of C and H from the reactant are conserved in the product.
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