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Write a short story on the basis of given clues Mr chatterjee _Richman _ his darling grandson fell sick _ engaged best doctors _ post operation medicine not available._ searched for the drug _ results negative _ went to the mother Teresa's ashram _ mother looked into his eyes _helpless state _ poorest of the poor _money could not help _ mother helped _paid  thanks 

Asked by daminibhatti12 10th May 2015, 6:20 PM
Answered by Expert

Healing Which Money Can't Buy

Once, Mother Theresa a missionary nun from Calcutta had a visitor. The man who approached her was not an ordinary man. His name was Mr. Vithhal Chatterjee and he was the richest man in Chennai. On seeing him, Mother Theresa was a little surprised. It was uncommon for wealthy people to approach her with tearful eyes.

On enquiring further, she was told that the rich man’s only grandson was extremely ill. The man had engaged the best of doctors that money could hire. The child had been operated and was being treated since a very long time but his condition did not improve even by the slightest.  The doctors could not even deduce the chief cause of the illness. Moreover the rare drug which the doctors believed would have some positive effect could not be found. The hunted for the drug but to no avail.

Finally disheartened and at a loss of resorts, he approached the spiritual path. He decided to submit before the will of God. He therefore visited Mother Theresa’s ashram and begged her to take his grandson in her fold and pray for him. She, who could see the sorrow in the man’s eyes, recognised him as the poorest of the poor. She accepted his pleas and agreed to look after the child. Out of compassion and pity, Mother Theresa tended to the little boy, all the while praying for his recovery. Her prayers and the rich man’s pleas were answered within a week and the child began to recover. The rich man’s joy knew no bounds. He humbly thanked her and returned home with his loving grandson. 

Answered by Expert 18th May 2015, 6:58 PM
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