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  1. Which are the most important contributions of Mahatma Gandhi in the political and social spheres in India?

Asked by tamannasandhu09 19th February 2021, 11:51 AM
Answered by Expert

Gandhi was such a prominent political leader of India during the freedom struggle that the period from 1920-47 is known as the Gandhian era. He had come to India in 1915 after leading peaceful protests in South Africa against the racist policy of the South African government. By the time, he came to India ha had already gained a respectful stature among the Indian people. The Indian National Movement became a mass movement after the arrival of Gandhi on the Indian political scene.
Gandhi first travelled throughout the country and tried to understand the people, their habits, customs and traditions. He played an important role in the local movements that were held at Champaran, Kheda and Ahmedabad.
In 1919, Rowlatt Act was passed by the British government which aimed at supressing fundamental rights of the people. Gandhi gave a call for Satyagraha to the people to fight against this unjustice. Many people all over the country participated in this satyagraha.
Gandhiji started the Non Coopreation Movement in 1921-22. On the his call, thousands of people left government services. Many students left government schools, lawyers gave up their practices and British titles were surrendered. Such was his charisma that united the people in the country across different regions.People regarded him as their leader who according to them would win freedom and justice for them.
Gandhi for attaining Swaraj, organised a march to Dandi in April 1930 and made salt defying the British law. Thousands of people joined Gandhi and the non violent movement for gaining the freedom of the country started under the leadership of Gandhi.
In 1942, he started the Quit India Movement and told the British government that they should quit India. The movement spread like a fire in India. Though Gandhi and other prominent Indian leaders were jailed, the movement became a success. The British government however supreesed the movement brutally.
India attained freedom in 1947 due to the central leadership provided by Gandhi and other leaders like Nehru, sardar Patel etc. Many people had lost their lives in this struggle. Gandhi also appealed to the people to maintain law, order and peace in the riot hit areas.
Gandhi was infact one of the greatest leaders that India has produced. He greately contributed to the Indian freedom struggle.

Please ask Gandhi's contribution in the social sphere as a separate query.
Answered by Expert 19th February 2021, 11:42 PM
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