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What p orbitals are involved is sp, sp2 and sp3 hybridisation respectively ?

Asked by anirbanbag81 4th January 2018, 11:27 AM
Answered by Expert

Hybridization is defined as the mixing of the atomic orbitals belonging to the same atom but having slightly different energies

so that the same number of new orbitals are formed which have equivalent energy and identical shapes.

These new orbitals are called as hybrid orbitals.

Depending on the combination of atomic orbitals the hybridization may be of various types as; sp3 (1s and 3p orbitals combine to form 4 sp3 hybrid orbital.), sp2, sp etc.

Because of hybridisation, all three orbitals i.e., xy, xz, yz are mixed and have equivalent energy and identical shapes.

Answered by Expert 4th January 2018, 4:17 PM
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