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what is the story writing waht should it contain

Asked by Nikhil 24th February 2015, 6:31 PM
Answered by Expert

Hi Nikhil, 

A story is a description of events and people that a writer has created to entertain people. 

A story must have a beginning, middle, and an end. The plot must have an element of interest or suspense as required by the outline. The characters must be well drawn and life-like. 

Below is a sample story for you based on the following question:

Write a story that begins with- "The ghost was weary and helpless and did not know what to do with the family of non-beleivers......."

The ghost was weary and helpless and did not know what to do with the family of non-believers. He had tried hard to frighten them, but each time he tried to play a prank on one of the family members, the four-year-old son of the Fosters would ruin his plans; so much so that Wimpy the ghost had started dreading the presence of Aaron around him.

“I wonder if he can see me,” thought Wimpy as he saw Aaron laying nails in the garage. Why would someone do that, wondered Wimpy. He approached Aaron from behind in an attempt to startle him in the dingy, lonely garage. Wimpy was sure he would scare Aaron finally and begin a series of incidents that would force the Fosters to believe in ghosts and evil spirits. Wimpy was about to scream into Aaron’s ears when Aaron turned the garage tap on and started splashing water all over the place.

Wimpy had been hydrophobic when alive; in fact, the reason for his death was drowning. The moment he saw water around him, he was horrified. He started running around in the garage, and this caused the tins and the toolkits fall off the shelves.

“What are you up to now, Aaron? Daddy will be upset if he sees you in his garage! Come in right now!” called out Ms. Foster.

Aaron stood stunned in front of Wimpy as the cans toppled out of the shelves. There was a look of terror on his face as if he had seen Wimpy in the garage.

“Finally!” beamed Wimpy with pride, “Finally you can see me, kid. You may now go and spread the terror indoor,” screamed Wimpy at Aaron.

Aaron turned the tap off and he heard his father’s motorbike enter the lane of his house.

“Bad kitty!” he said looking at Wimpy.

Wimpy was confused. “I am not a kitty you little nasty kid!” he said looking at Aaron.

Aaron picked an iron rod from the floor and hurled it at Wimpy. Wimpy ducked as if trying to miss the rod aimed at him. “But wait,” he thought “I am a ghost, I can’t be hit by a rod!” he said to himself. As Wimpy balanced himself on the shelf, he saw a cat jump across the shelves wailing painfully.

“No!” cried Wimpy, “It is not the cat Aaron, it is me who has been trying to scare you!”

“Mamma! There is a cat in the garage and she dropped things off the shelves!” screamed Aaron at Ms. Foster.

Ms. Foster came out hurriedly.

“Get inside you naughty boy!” she said as she saw him drenched in water and paints. “You will fall ill, Aaron. Go and clean yourself up at once!”

Aaron ran indoors and Ms. Foster waited for Mr. Foster to enter their compound. They both started cleaning up the mess.

“This boy is a devil, Kathy!” said Mr. Foster looking at the scattered paint cans around the garage.

“Oh. it wasn’t him, Jack. It was a cat that scared him when he came in here to keep his cycle here,” said Ms. Foster, trying to ignore the bed of nails laid by Aaron under their car.

“He is the devil indeed!” thought Wimpy. “And there can be only one devil in every house.”

Wimpy flew out of the Fosters’ home and never came back to them again.

Meanwhile, aaron was in his little sister’s nursery upstairs, talking to his toddler sister.

“It was fun, Lucy,” he said, “I shooed away that dirty looking thing from our house!” he said to her as they looked out of the window.

“It was fun!” they both said and had a hearty laugh.

I hope this will help you. 

Happy Studying! 

Answered by Expert 24th February 2015, 7:36 PM
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