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what is meant by anabolic and catabolic and how is it related to respiration?

Asked by Nandinisabesan 21st August 2008, 7:57 PM
Answered by Expert

Anabolic process is a constructive metabolism in which different molecules combine to form larger, more complex molecules and tissue building. Anabolic pathways are endergonic such as in photosynthesis. This means that in anabolic situation like photosynthesis more energy is stored in the products than in the reactants.

In other words, anabolic process is a phase of metabolism involving chemical reactions within cells that result in the production of larger molecules from smaller ones.

Catabolism on the other hand is a a destructive metabolism in which larger molecules are broken down into simpler ones.  Catabolic pathways are exergonic. Less energy is stored in the products than in the reactants.

Cellular respiration is a catabolic process since glucose is broken down into carbon dioxide and water, releasing energy in the process.


Answered by Expert 21st August 2008, 8:16 PM
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