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two numbers are such that three times the first added to four times the second is 96 and the excess of four times the first over three times the second is three find the number

Asked by Gangrademohini 1st January 2020, 10:58 PM
Answered by Expert
Let  and y be the two numbers
As per the question,
3x+4y=96 ... (i) and
i.e. 4x-3y=3 ... (ii)
Multiplying (i) by 3 and (ii) by 4, we have
9x+12y=288 ... (iii)
16x-12y=12 ... (iv)
Adding (iii) and (iv), we have
i.e. x=12
Substituting x in (i), we get
Therefore, y=15.
Answered by Expert 2nd January 2020, 11:09 AM
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