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Kerala - XII Science - Physics - Current Electricity

two electric bulbs of 60w and 100w are given.which one will be brighter when they are connected, 1.In series 2.In parallel and why?

Asked by anas 29th July 2012, 4:27 PM
Answered by Expert


In serial connection, the total current in the circuit is  a constant.
Thus which ever will have a higher potential through will glow brighter.
in serial circuit, Power is direcly proportional to resistance (P=I2R)
thus 100 W will have higher resistance and since V = IR hence will glow brighter.
In parallel  connection, since both of them will have equal potential difference accross them, power will be inversely proportional to resistance as P = V2/R, thus 60 W will have higher resistance. At equal potential the one with more current flowing through it will glow brighter, thus the one with lower resistance i.e 100 W will glow brighter
Answered by Expert 29th July 2012, 4:43 PM

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